Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our government

This morning while driving to work, I had 2 bothersome thoughts lingering on my mind, like a heavy curtain that seem to blanket everything else. First, the discount on toll from 12am to 7am has been taken off. Usually i leave home at about 6.15 so i am one of the lucky ones that manage to get the 'small good things in life' which is a 30 cents off from my usual rm3.20 toll for the PD-Sban highway. this morning i am pretty sure my face went from :) to :( when the fierce toll lady told me, "diskaun dah takde kak"... what??? how dumb is this? i thot we are going to have elections end of this year? this has got to be some fatal move from the govt. so they cancel the toll one one highway, and they take off the discounts from ALL THE OTHER HIGHWAYS? smart move, Mr Najib Sir. what a thing to start my monday morning. Sigh. 
Well i guess its not so bad, as long as i can listen to the dumb Morning Crew for a bit on Hitz. and then wham!! they hit me again, today is actually the last day to pay our traffic summons! or otherwise, we will be blacklisted from renewing our drivers licence and road tax!! oh come on, give me a break! why are the govt trying to take so much of my money? and all on a monday morning too!
well one things for sure, I AM NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR BN ANYMOE!! and i sincerely hope the opposition wins this year. and they better take off the toll all over malaysia, and turn in into a FREEWAY.

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