Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 smses

Yesterday i received 2 smses from my bf. And no fone calls. The day before that, sumwhat similar. Today, still the same. My relationship with him is so monotonous and almost dead? Is it? So every now and then i will call him up and gush everything out and be an emotional volcano to him and we will end up shouting at each other (mostly it is I who will be doing the shouting) and its always about the same thing. Why dont u care enuff to call? why dont u care enuff to reply my smses? u forgot this, u forgot that, dont u care?
 I am a female. I need constant attention from the guy whom i call my bf. I need to talk, i need to voice things out. He, on the other hand, is a guy. To him, 2 smses per day is more then sufficient. (I guess just knowing that im still alive is suficient). how pathetic is that?
3 years ago, when i fell in love with him and we just started dating, we used to talk for hours on the fone, and sms each other a hundred times a day (literally!). and at that time, when one of my girlfrens was having a huge fight with her boyfren (names shall not be mentioned) and was screaming at hime on the fone, i wud secretly smile inside coz i was so certain that me and ajo will never be like that. and yet look at us now.
How did we get from there to here? what happened to us? I know that i still love him as fiercely now as i did then, and i think he feels the same way about me( I HOPE).
is it possible that we have gotten too comfortable with each other and our situation that we dont bother to show it anymore? or is it that he is just taking it for granted? knowing that i will always be here for him.
I never thought our relationship wud get this far. and i never imagine that it will all come down to 2 smses per day. i always thought that we will be different from those couples. u know, those who fight on the fone, or in public.
I am going to be 28 this May. i recently read a blog that i wrote when i was 23. sumthing about guys and relationships. funny how some things never change. the guy may change but the issues will always be the same.
If ur a guy and u happen to read this, plz take a moment to think bout what im about to say. It wouldnt kill u to be romantic to ur gf once in a while, it wouldnt kill u to suprise her with a fonecall during the day when she's working, just to tell her u love her. it wouldnt kill u to reply her smses. it wouldnt kill u to maybe get her a gift once in a while like a silly key chain that she cud put on her car keys. or putting ur picture together as display on facebook or yahoo instead of some lame footballer. it wouldnt kill u to care a bit more. or at least, pretend that u care.

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