Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Dumping

Today we had a case where a young woman was caught by the police and brought to the hospital coz she gave birth to a baby last week, and either killed the baby by refrigerating it or let it die and then put it in the freezer. Such cruelty actually send a chill up my spine. How cud a person be that cruel? Why kill an innocent baby? if u dont want it, or is incapable of loving her or care for her then give her to sumone else. DO NOT KILL. u have no right to take sumone else's life, especially an innocent baby. the cruel mother was actually a muslim, and she was wearing tudung and sat quietly as she admitted to doing those crime. i cant help but think, is she crazy? how can she apper so calm? and what boggled my mind then was that she actually admitted that this is not the 1st time. a few years ago, she had given birth to another innocent baby as well and then gave it away. and she was impregnated by the same guy. i mean hello! whats wrong with u? why didnt u just get married? then u wont have any reason at all to kill right? and if ur so desperate for sex then why dun u just take off that tudung and use a condom?? and u can actually say that the guy loves u? oh plzzz if he really did love u then he wud have married u years ago! instead of getting u knocked up twice and then making u kill the baby. he must be as psycho as u are! so plz open up ur eyes and have sum remorse. becoz of u an innocent baby has died. she cud have grown up to be a beautiful, talented and kind hearted person but u just took that away when u deicided to kill her!


  1. uikss, kejamnya...sob sob...
    salam kenal ye doktor...nak tanya, doktor ni bahagian apa ek kat hospital...mana tau boleh buat rujukan....

  2. salam kenal jugak. saye kat emergency dept. ape khabar?

  3. indeed!!..people nowadays are so very cruel..:(